Dean Makey School Forest Management Plans

Natural Resources or Forest Management Plans are developed for landowners to help guide them when making decisions about managing their land. A plan will provide general information. It will provide the legal description of the parcel(s), landowner information, and landowner objectives and goals for managing the land.

A plan describes the extent and conditions of the natural resources found there. It describes the plants, animals, water and soil resources, and other natural features. The plan will relate how the specific property interacts with neighboring lands and how it is part of the broad landscape around it. A plan will provide management recommendations for accomplishing the landowner objectives and goals, including a schedule for implementing the recommendations.

A plan is usually prepared with the assistance of a natural resource expert, such as a forester or wildlife manager.

The Natural Resources Management Plan found in this section was prepared by the Forestview Middle School Forest Management Committee in July of 2004. An Addendum was added to the original plan in March of 2006. Management Plans should be updated occasionally. Reasons for updating a plan might include new landowner objectives and goals, implementation of all the recommendations and the need for new ones, or changes in the condition of the natural resources.

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