Kindergarten Grove Plantings

This project at the Dean Makey School Forest was started in the fall of 2011. At the beginning of the school year, each Kindergarten class is provided a Norway or white pine tree seedling. They learn about the parts of a tree and what a tree needs to grow and survive. In late September to early October, Kindergarten classes from each school take a field trip to the School Forest. Their classroom tree, which is usually named and tagged, is plotted on a chart and planted in the Kindergarten Grove. The students are encouraged to come back with their parents at any time to find their tree and see how it is growing. When they return to Forestview Middle School as 5th graders, they will be able to find their Kindergarten class tree.

During their visit, the students and teachers also learn about the School Forest and have a short walk to learn about nature observation. How to find your Kindergarten Tree: at the Kindergarten Grove site, each elementary school is identified by a sign. Look at the chart to find your teacher and the year your Kindergarten tree was planted. Count down your school row to find where your tree is located. When you find your Kindergarten tree, see how much it has grown!! Is it as tall as you are?

Below is a chart, which identifies each Kindergarten class tree that has been planted since 2011.